Lean consulting

During our improvement projects, our consultants will be able to bring savings in cost, time and effort for your organization. Here are some examples of what we can do :

  • Loss Identification: Building KPI management systems (KPI manuals, KPI tree, KPI dashboards, levelled meetings, escalation process, etc.) – enabling your teams to monitor performance, and take proper actions when dealing with deviations, and continuously see more improvement opportunities during their regular meetings.
  • Loss Analysis : Analyzing labor losses, machine losses, material losses, ergonomic hazards, etc. Identifying which types of losses are causing greater pains for your organization. And then prioritizing & planning these projects into a timed improvement masterplan.
  • Loss Elimination : Practically implementing the improvement projects :
  1. together with your teams (as a coaching exercise),
  2. or through outsourcing the entire function/department to our team,
  3. using our lean supplies (kanban racks, 5S materials, etc.),
  4. using our partnerships with other consultants (see our partners).

Examples of real lean consulting projects done by SPIRAL team

  • Ergonomic Hazard Analysis – for this client, an assessment of ergonomic hazards was done. ViveLab software was used, together with other ergonomic tools to identify critical motions. Solutions were then conceptually designed, ranging from simple solutions, to engineering solutions. Technical experts from our partner companies were also called into this project to give technical assistance and designs. Benefits: Calculated hard savings (in terms of manpower), as well as an increase in safety level.
  • Process Flow Analysis – One client used this service to track material losses and operational KPIs. Starting from data log sheets at the security gate, till templates filled by operations and warehouse staff…… all these linked excel sheets eventually linked the raw material batch number to the final product.
  • Business Process Management– in this project, a process mapping exercise was done with managers (after a scoping session with the CEO) to come with as ‘as-is’ high-level process map of office work in  a project-based environment.  Three core processes were analyzed for bottlenecks to come up with improvement projects and draw the ‘to-be’ process map. Potential benefits are shorter cash-to-cash cycle, and clear responsibilities.
  • Loss Analysis– Through a random activity sampling exercise, on both labor and machines ….  A masterplan was built to prioritize improvement projects. One of the top priority projects in the masterplan was to increase availability of a highly loaded machine by decreasing setup time. This project was done jointly with one of the client’s junior engineers, as a coaching exercise.

But …..Why SPIRAL?

  • Experienced team – ex-multinational exposure, and also in various industries: automotive, home appliances, crystal and glass, chemicals, food & beverage, engineering industries, steel, construction, etc.
  • Middle-aged team – result-oriented executive consultants able to go to shop-floor details, not too theoretical, and also mixed with business acumen.
  • Partnerships with other improvement stakeholders: product design, machine design, technology, RFID systems, utilities, visual artwork design, data analytics, lean office, etc.  So even if the solution you need is outside our core lean expertise, we can team up with the right partner to integrate the right solution for you.