• Lean supplies from lean consultants

    Choosing solutions that suit your needs

  • Practical implementation

    not plain theory

  • Lean supplies from lean consultants

    Choosing solutions that suit your needs

  • Practical implementation

    not plain theory

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Our Vision

To be one of the key players that help in shaping & developing the manufacturing sector of economies of developing countries in the region

Our Mission

To support and develop small & medium industrial organizations and their stakeholders, enabling them to be more competitive, driving more business, opening more opportunities and creating better and safer work environments.


With past consulting & working experience several industries : automotive, engineering, food, glass & crystal, home appliances, and food and beverage industries.

What Others Say

Bel Egypt

Spiral showed a very well systematic way of thinking during our project, trying hard to cover all issues that could be raised or faced. They have good theoretical/scientific background, and have practiced using new tools (like MAC, ART & also ViveLab software) during our ergonomics project. Optimized realistic solutions were proposed in their findings.

Mohamed Ayed

Engineering Manager

Egyptian German Industrial Corporate

Spiral team has shown a clear strong knowledge in the scope of lean manufacturing and industrial engineering. They presented very good communication skills and keenness to put the project on track with timely deliverables. Spiral has managed our project in an outstanding standard at a reasonable service cost.

Mr. Sayed Shaarawy

Manufacturing Director – (EGIC, Egypt)

GOPA Consulting Group, Germany

The training provided by SPIRAL was based on an advanced and practice-oriented interactive training and coaching methodology. SPIRAL was highly committed to achieving high training impact as well as genuine sustainability of the training results.

Mr. Werner Trutt

Senior Consultant – GOPA mbH, Germany.

ELSA Fundraiser and Public relations

“It was a great chance for ELSA having these great minds and experiences in Zagazig University for the first time in one of our unforgettable events. Spiral’s high standing and vast experience mean a lot for us. We are sure that the partnership between the two organizations will lead ELSA to a new stage”

Mohab Mohamed

ELSA President, Zagazig University

Ministry of Trade and Industry

Great materials , professional instructors and inspiring workshops ,thank you all for the amazing experience

Eng.Mostafa hamdy

Mechanical Engineer, IDA. Ministry of Trade and Industry

قطاع الصناعات الهندسية

كلنا حضرنا كورسات كتير وفيها اللي إستفادنا منه وفيها اللي ماكانش بيضيف لنا الكتير، بس مش كلنا بيعدي علينا الكورس اللي تلاقي فيه إهتمام ومتابعة شخصية من المنظمين عشان يعرفوا ناقصك إيه ويكونوا متطمنين إنك حصلت على أعلى إستفادة ممكنة ودة فعلاً اللي شوفته في فريق Spiral لما إتعاملت معاهم، كذا حد يبعت ويتأكد ولما تطلب منهم حاجة تلاقيها متحققة في اليوم اللي بعده، ودة يخلي الواحد يحس إن إهتمامهم بالمحاضرين وجودة المحتوى نفسه مش مغطي على باقي الجوانب اللي يخليك تخرج بتجربة كاملة مش بس شوية معلومات ممكن يتنسوا مع الوقت،

م/ حازم الشربيني

مساعد رئيس قطاع الصناعات الهندسية, مركز تحديث الصناعة.

ELSA Fundraiser and Public relations

“It’s an eminent pleasure for ELSA that SPIRAL has cooperated with us in such a magnificent event ‘INDUSTRIAL GATE’. We are really privileged to have business associates like you. We hope to do another projects with you as it will be a great learning experience for both of us. Thank you for having faith in our organization. We do look forward to a mutually beneficial association”

Mohammed Sabra

Former ELSA Fundraiser and Public relations coordinator, Zagazig University

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